Saywas Expeditions – Salkantay Trek and Machu Picchu- a Must Do

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Saywas Expeditions – Salkantay Trek and Machu Picchu- a Must Do

A bunch of people quickly and nicely mixed together on a 5 days trekking with «Saywas Expeditions». All the parts where made like a dress: fun, action, good food and always a good spot to enjoy our meals and nights.
We had the luck to get trough many different landscapes as high mountains, jungle, pampas, and train walk path. Even everyone got a different speed on the track, no one missed the chance to interact with the others and share other life experiences.
Our guide described plants, fruits and many kinds of plants of the different parts of the trekking, including trying the Peruvian passion fruit.
Whatever I am super happy to join this tour and get in contact in a closer view to the Peruvian culture.

Alee C.

USA, 2014, TripAdvisor Review.

***If you are interested in joining, our available confirmed tour dates for Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu separated your booking.

  • 02 of you are opening up a new departure date, we only need 2 people for a semi-private tour, daily departures. Over 3 people get a special pricing of $400.00 per person. All these services includes a FREE airport picking you up. If there are not more people for this fixed date, you would be departuring like a private group (without adding extra costs). We guaranteed of your departure.
  • If you are short on time you may want to choose 1 +/-days for with the eventual goal of completing the entire Salkantay reaching to Machu Picchu.
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