Sexy Llamas!!! Shortened Salkantay 3d/2n

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Sexy Llamas!!! Shortened Salkantay 3d/2n

Saywas Expeditions was an amazing company to guide us through the challenging Salkantay trek. Fernando was our guide through the whole trek and he was amazing. Encouraging, personable, and knowledgeable! I felt incredibly comfortable with his leadership and shared an amazing experience with him! The food, while you would never expect it on a trek, was phenomenal!! They fed us till we were stuffed and provided us with several options of delicious food.

This trek was personally challenging for me because altitude grabbed hold of my lungs and squeezed nice and tight. But through patients and a steady pace, I was able to make it to each summit proud of my achievements. While the whole thing was difficult and tiring, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location.

We ended our trek at Machu Picchu. We did the morning climb starting at 5AM and then Machu Picchu Mountain at 10AM. Both equally grueling climbs, but again, beautiful scenery and a breathtaking Machu Picchu to admire at the end!
Overall, great experience! I was challenged, stepped out of my comfort zone, tried something new, and came out with the biggest smile on my face and a memory to last a lifetime! I definitely recommend Saywas Expeditions.


USA, 2016, TripAdvisor Review.

***If you are interested in joining, our available confirmed tour dates for Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu separated your booking.

  • 02 of you are opening up a new departure date, we only need 2 people for a semi-private tour, daily departures. Over 3 people get a special price of $400.00 per person. All these services includes a FREE airport picking you up. If there are not more people for this fixed date, you would be departuring like a private group (without adding extra costs). We guaranteed of your departure.
  • If you are short on time you may want to choose 1 +/-days for with the eventual goal of completing the entire Salkantay reaching to Machu Picchu.
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