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My wife and I have been living in Cusco for over 4 years now and have had many guests do treks themselves, so this last week we decided to take advantage of a lull in occupancy ad do the Salkantay trek. I am a proponent of using smaller companies over the big boys and after a little research we decided on Saywas expeditions for our trip and we were not disappointed. Being a smaller agency with a lower demand we actually ended up having a private tour which suited us just fine. All aspects of the trek were handled professionally and efficiently, the guide, horseman and chef were all very nice and the equipment was of good quality.

My wife and I are both in our early 50’s and not in top shape so having an understanding guide was great, he didn’t push us any harder then we wanted to go, even on the end of day 2 when it got dark before we made it to camp, he was more concerned with our overall wellness and health than anything else. Our chef was also excellent, I grew up backpacking in the Sierra mountains and it was nice to take a trip and not eat dehydrated food. Having small villages at the camp sites allowed them to only have to carry the essentials, and then purchase the meats, fruits and vegetables at the camp site, so all the meals were fresh and plentiful. If you do go, one thing that we learned from our guide is that you should not worry about finishing everything that is prepared, nothing will go to waste, any leftovers will be eaten by the crew or given to the locals. At one stop the guide told us that the shelter we were having lunch in was provided by a family with the condition that they get any left overs, so don’t worry about food going to waste.

We have heard feedback from many guests on many agencies, including some of the big ones, and from what I have heard Saywas did as good a job as any other agency, so if you are reading this and considering booking a trek with them, I would say do it, you will likely end up with a smaller group, and get just as good a trip as if you choose a bigger agency.


USA, 2016, TripAdvisor Review.

***If you are interested in joining, our available confirmed tour dates for Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu separated your booking.

  • 02 of you are opening up a new departure date, we only need 2 people for a semi-private tour, daily departures. Over 3 people get a special pricing of $400.00 per person. All these services includes a FREE airport picking you up. If there are not more people for this fixed date, you would be departuring like a private group (without adding extra costs). We guaranteed of your departure.
  • If you are short on time you may want to choose 1 +/-days for with the eventual goal of completing the entire Salkantay reaching to Machu Picchu.
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