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When to visit Peru

Best time to come Peru will be depending upon which areas of country you need visit.

What activities do you plan on doing in Peru?

The coast of Peru, tends to be mostly dry around year, but sits under a blanket of fog from April to October each year (especially in Lima), driest sunny season (December to March) tend to coincide with the rainy climate elsewhere.

The Andes of Peru, seasons are more clearly fixed, with heavy rains from December to April and totally dry period from June to September, which although it can be cold at night, is the best time of outdoor trekking activities for doing

Rainforest – The Amazon, rainfall is heavier and more frequent, and its hot and humid all year. Peruvian jungle offers a multitude of beautiful sceneries, including wild animals. In Peru, rainforest is divided in three regions, the North (Iquitos) the Center (Tarapoto) and the South jungle (Puerto Maldonado)

What is the difference in booking between Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain? Which Should I book?

Huayna Picchu Mountain and Machu Picchu Mountain are 2 impressive mountains peaks which have towered over the Machu Picchu archaeological center. To go one of the mountains, you need buy a pass in combination with Machu Picchu entry (ticket-passes) it cannot be purchased separately from the entry ticket, and once entry ticket has been purchased, other mountain pass cannot be added or cancelled.

Huayna Picchu ( or Wayna Picchu).

This is the most popular of the two optional mountain walks, it also can be very crowded. 200 persons start climbing between 7am-8am, and others 200 persons start going between 10am-11am so in total will be 400 persons climbing eeach morning. Trail is quite steep and takes around a 2 hours to climb up and down. people who have trouble to vertigo may not enjoy this trekking. There are some interesting archaeological ruins on the top of Huayna Picchu.

Machu Picchu Mountain.

This walking is less popular than Huayna Picchu but more beautiful. it is located on the other face from Huayna Picchu mountain. There are 500 passes available daily. You can start climbing around 7am. and 9 am. Trail less steep than Huayna Picchu, This is a longer hiking (takes around 3 hours as total time).
Are you looking for groups to join the alternative salkantay hike?, here we bring you what you look for. 2 of you are opening up a new departuring date in a semi-private tour, so only need 2 people for fixed date. If this fixed date, there are not join more people, you would be departuring out as a private group without adding extra charges, guarantee your departure, we guarantee the adventure to machu picchu. All these services includes a free airport pick up.



Peru is one of the much varied and exciting of all South America Part, with a mixes of mountains, Inca Trails and relic, immense desert coastline, and beautiful tropical rain forest. Showing these contrasting environments, mountain Andes with its chain breathtaking snow-capped, but one thing for sure is that Peru country, offers an unique opportunity to experience an incredibly wide range of impressive sceneries, a wealth of heritage and a vibrant living culture.

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